Artist Statement

I like making things, I like everything about it.  I always have since I was quite young.  I particularly enjoy creating one of a kind custom jewelry and art for people.  Often I know what they want even when they can’t describe it.

I see shape, form, movement, and contrast everywhere and in everything.  I love using these concepts and combining them with my technical skills to make dramatic looking creations.  That is my art.

The two parts of the process that have always been extremely important to me are; first, that whatever I do is done technically correct and second, that what I do is pretty.

People often ask about where my inspiration comes from.  On the surface, it comes from everything around me especially nature and that’s true, but if you go deeper, the real answer is, I don’t get inspiration from anything.  It’s always with me - all the time, and I just open up to it and it comes through me.

I hope you enjoy my work.

- Larry Stark