Larry Stark has been a prolific artist, designer, and master goldsmith for over 30 years.  He combines outstanding, museum-qualify craftsmanship with a remarkably diverse imagination.  In his creations, he gives special attention to formal elements such as space, shape, balance, and color.

By age seven he had completed his first sculpture, by nine he began to create his own jewelry, and by twelve he was custom painting choppers for Hell’s Angels.  After high school Larry set his sites on making jewelry.  He spent the next part of his life pursuing jewelry making with a passion, teaching himself advanced techniques, and perfecting the art of design  He owned and operated a gallery of his own specializing in custom one of a kind hand made fine jewelry.  It is here Larry developed a devoted following and earned a stellar reputation as a master goldsmith.

After a successful career of over thirty years making jewelry at his studio/gallery in Sacramento, Larry Stark is now focusing most of his talent on art while still making jewelry.  Without the constraints of wearability, as in jewelry, he can now make things “BIG”.

Combining the natural elements of wood and stone with the refinements of silver, gold, platinum, and gems, Larry is creating a magnificent blend of both worlds.  At first glance, what would appear to be a contradiction it turns out to be a combination of beautiful contrasts.

When it comes to doing commission work, Larry’s many patrons believe he is gifted with an uncanny ability to create a perfect representation of their vision by intuitively capturing the essence of their desires.

“I love to create and bring beauty into the world where it didn’t exist before.  I have been this way ever since I can remember.”

His work can stir the soul and ignite the heart of art lovers everywhere.